With age, the living room and living room are two different rooms. Wass Hall to welcome the guests from abroad, while the room has a private room where family members can gather around family activities.

living room average size

Living room average size

Over time, this practice has changed bit. Visitors will be entertained in the living room, including family members of their activities.

A living room is a place where the house is usually full of activities other than the kitchen. During the construction of a house or planning to renovate, we often ask about the size of an average living space perfect for my family activities. Well, we must first decide what kind of life we ??want to have, how often they use it as a meeting place for families, or just to receive official guests. Also it is necessary to see the total size of our house. Of course we do not expect the room to consume more than 50 percent the size of its overall effectiveness, right?

living room size

living room size