Home is the only comfortable place where you can share everything, such as happiness and also the sadness, family, friends, or brothers and sisters. Consequently, we will do everything possible to make your home a place as possible. There are many ways to make and one of them is to have hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are elegant and beautiful. A type of wood floor is a dark wood floor.

dark hardwood floor

dark hardwood floor

It has a dark wood floors can give your home greater impact than other types of wooden floors. The soil type is to leave room to match the beauty of the plant, and exude classic appeal. If you are interested in decorating your wood floor, and then there are some steps you should know.

Frame walls are the first steps you can take. Choose warm colors like gold to make the room more pleasant and interesting when people came to visit. Why should you choose the warm colors or color? This is because the colors match the dark wood floor. In addition, they also give a warm tone of light, which is very welcoming. To add detail to the wall, you can select boards and moldings. There are several types of border color, but you have to pick a side of white or cream to create a clear contrast between walls and floors. They also give the feeling of elegance to the room side.

The second step is to choose a variety of furniture or fabric corresponding to the ground. You should know that the light fittings add contrast and also to prevent the room look ugly.

Make sure the tool you have, is suitable for wood. For example, you can choose a table that matches the color of earth. The opportunity not only for tables, but also to frame any artwork to hang. This is the third step.

For the fourth step, you can use a rug to help keep feet warm. This blanket is placed in the middle of putting the tools to combine.

The fifth step, make sure the artwork and other objects are present depending on the room comfortable and classic. Choose bright colors so you can create a focal point. In addition, you can also choose artwork pressed look continued in the room.

Given the elegant dark wood floors, you must be wise to create an atmosphere of your room and it is the sixth step. Have to do is choose some accessories to reflect the elegance of dark wood floors. They made light fixtures, detailed sculpture and flower arrangements were beautiful back room a luxurious feel.

Dark Hardwood Floor

Dark Hardwood Floor

The final step is to unite and launch window treatments that may color the room. Choose a dark pillows to match the artwork of carpet or floor also helps to create change in the room. One thing you should know is the window treatment is not exactly match the furniture or carpet in the room. This is because in order to avoid mixing the wall or floor.


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