Living Room vs Family RoomWhat do you think about life in front of the room? Most people fall to determine the Living Room vs Family Room. Sometimes people in the definition are not correct, so you do not understand what the nature of the living room and living room, to be exact.

If you want to build a house or remodel your home, you should know what the difference between living and family rooms is. This is necessary because the living room and family room has a different function. Therefore, if you want to have a house full functionality, it is necessary to separate the living room and living room, unless you do not have enough space to build a second room.

The living room sitting in front of almost similar sound, but in fact, have some differences. There are three main differences between living and family rooms. You can identify the living room and living room with a room, the decor of the rooms and meeting rooms.

From the bedroom, living room located in front of the house. The living room is the room nearest the door so it is commonly called the vestibule. In contrast to the living room, family room, located behind the house. Family room is usually connected directly to the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and backyard.Living Room vs Family Room

The second thing the living room sitting in front is a function determined from the room. This is the most important thing to know and also the basis for determining the Living Room vs Family Room. Lounge is a more formal role. This room is usually used to serve customers, which is why the location of the room in front of the house. With direct access to the door, guests can easily reach the living room.

Lounge is also where the living room or family meets with family members. Lounge is also a place for family and guests talk about serious things. Thus, the environment of the room is too formal. Otherwise, the room has a more formal basis.

Living Room vs Family RoomAs we can see in his name, a lounge area related to the family. This is the room where the family members to perform personal tasks such as reading newspapers, watching TV, reading books, playing, and more. Family room has a function to make family members comfortable with their work.

The final point to identify the Living Room vs Family Room decor in the room. In fact, decorating the family living room in front of the room to resume his duties at home. Because the room is a more formal activity, rooms are decorated with furniture such as sofas and chairs formal education.

Decoration of the room is also smarter than the living room because the room is used for receiving guests. In the living room, you’ll find a wide variety of furniture such as TV stations play, games, books, and many other topics with other people. Decor is informal, to ensure that the environment can make a comfortable family members.Living Room vs Family Room

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