Painting ideas for living roomPainting ideas for living room, especially for dark room can be done in several ways. The room is important for the function to receive visitors. The color of the living room may be dark, because the wrong choice of color schemes and lighting of the room. The rooms do not receive direct sunlight usually appear dark. Therefore, the right idea to paint the living room is very important on this type of problem. There are many ways we can use to choose a painting ideas for living room, especially for dark room. Here, the following tips will show you how to make your room look brighter.

Painting ideas for living room1. The first step you must do is clean all the dust and dirt on painted walls. It is very easy to do, you only need to provide a bucket of soapy water and then use a sponge or cloth and wash the tiles on the walls painted. This is important because dust or dirt can cause side effects with paint. If the powder is combined with paint colors, the colors you get are not as perfect as you expect.

2. The second step is to choose the paint color in the search for ideas to life. The color here, not only for walls, but also to all parts of the room like a window or the sky. For a frame, you can choose neutral colors. You can also apply to heaven, the door inside. Colors like white, gray, and soon. While the colors of the wall itself could fit on the basis of its concept and develop a facility that is used. But I suggest the use of bright colors of light in the room because the system is not good.

3. Begin the process of painting from difficult angles. Apply primary colors such as white paint and let dry. You can repeat this process many times to paint the walls a dark color, is evident.

4. The sky color of the sky or at home can use the white paint on the walls, so the room is bright and looks great. Let the fresh coat of white paint paint color paint, followed by the next layer until the very maximum.

5. If you finish painting the top of the living room or in heaven, but never finished painting on the wall, you have the advantage of the sky covered with plaster to paint in good condition. In addition, the paint on the side of the peak is sometimes difficult so does not make you work twice as paint on the top.Painting ideas for living room

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