How to Remodel a Bathroom

Remodel a BathroomSmall bathroom renovation can be done online search or go to the exhibition galleries to find information and inspiration. Of course, a small bathroom renovation easier than to renovate the bathroom was large.

But many people do not realize it. Small bathrooms are equipped with basic amenities such as a large bathroom, just in different sizes. Here are some steps you need to know before you remodel your small bathroom.

First, you need to determine the needs and desires of a small bathroom. Decide whether it is a closet or bathroom. If you want to create a powder room, you need to know that the powder room with a little more than a toilet, sink, and small electrical jobs.

But if you need to add plumbing bathtub or shower, it also has other requirements to protect against moisture, ventilation, size requirements, additional bathroom furniture, and much more. Then, you define yourself in the bathroom. If you are going to make bath master bath is full, you can use high quality furniture and high-end materials. But if that customer, you can skimp on quality ingredients.

The next step is planning your small bathroom. Small bathroom also has extensive planning, not just the largest. The reason is that the bathroom cabinets come in sizes that have been determined. You need to find room for its improvement plan detailed ornaments. You can decide whether or not to hire a remodeling contractor, professional, or just do it yourself.remodel a bathroom

Renovation contractor procurement and use of materials on the quality of the contractor, may cost $ 15,000. But if you want to reduce costs, you can do it yourself remodeling project, you may do so only 50% of previous costs. There are many things you can do for yourself as demolition, drywall installation of the main floor, and paint, then you can give the project from the contractor. This can reduce your costs.

Next is to install the plumbing and electricity. You must be rough in plumbing for bathroom toilet, and bathtub. Have the power to the cable network. You will have two inspections: first, raw, in the stadium, the second, after the wall was closed.

The final step is the installation of flooring and cabinets. Pipes and electricity installed, you can create another project on the floor, hanging cabinets, painting walls and installing a towel bar, mirror, toilet roll and the owner of the other finishing touches to your bathroom.remodel a bathroom

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