Sewer Gas Smell in BathroomActually, the Sewer Gas Smell in Bathroom is probably caused by several factors. Although there are many sources of sewer gas smell could be from, but usually the main factor is the bathroom, and vent your bathroom. The main part of carbon dioxide gas real, methane, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. All components together and make an unpleasant odor.

Trap in the bathroom is the first thing you might have suspected of causing sewer gas smell in the bathroom. Remember that the bathroom is a major common problem that causes exhaust gas to escape. In a system in the toilet, which can trap the system created to prevent killing gar to escape the bathroom. The trap is working with the help of water so that the gas can not pass through and filtered.

If a problem occurs on the surface of water, then it may be caused by the discharge of sewer gas. Water levels may fall in the bathroom is rarely used if you have pets or who continue to drink from your toilet. One way around this problem occurs is regularly washing your bath water level is always maintained correctly.

A second possible source of Sewer Gas Smell in Bathroom broken in the bathroom. If your broken toilet, may leak out. Factors that could cause water levels to drop and do not trap toilet to prevent gas entering your bathroom. The same case can also be caused by a faulty toilet wax ring.

Sewer Gas Smell in BathroomIf the well is damaged, then the gas drainage channels will also be held. Broken or damaged toilet wax ring bowl, unfortunately, can not be repaired so that the only possible way to solve this problem is to replace them with new ones.

Another source of sewer gas smell in the bathroom with the bath exhaust system or tubing. P tube into the trap of bathroom with shower, bath or sink is also a sewer system to prevent the spread of gas in your bathroom. If walking or damaged or broken pipe, then it is likely to cause leakage of sewer gas. This event can also occur when the water in your bathroom is rarely used for the seal created by Mr. P. trapSewer Gas Smell in Bathroom

Sewer Gas Smell in Bathroom can also be caused by poor ventilation or blocked by your bathroom. Do not do trivial things like sewer gas smell in the bathroom may be causing injury to users of the bathroom toilet. Therefore, it is best if you try to find the source of the odor as soon as you remove it and the smell of sewer gas.

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